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CatPlace is a national cat club that was established in 1999 to unite cat breeders and kennels across the USA and give cats a better life.

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Registered Cats
Our club is home to more than 600 hundred (and counting) registered cats of all breeds, colors, and sizes.
Breeds of Cats
CatPlace boasts of over 25 stunning cat breeds including American Shorthair, Balinese, Bengal, Himalayan, and others.
Cat Kennels
Our club maintains a close partnership with a wide range of cat kennels located all over the country in the major states.



The CatPlace club was established in 1999 by a group of 'cat people' with various interests from rescue to breeding.

The Club has been through all the processes of running non-pedigree shows, sanction shows right up to full pedigree shows which we have done very successfully for many years. We are an all-breed club with a keen interest in pedigree & non-pedigree cats and as such we support a number of local cat charities.

Cat Shows


Awarded Cats

Ensuring a Better Well-being for Your Cat


Feline Wellness Examst
Our cat wellness exams help pet owners diagnose and treat any of your cat’s possible health concerns.
Vaccinations are important for all cats as they protect your cat from diseases caused by viruses.
Nutritional Counseling
Nutritional counseling is a specialized diet for your cat, determined by our certified veterinarians.
Cat Shows
All cats registered at CatPlace club can take part in our cat shows free of charge throughout a year.



Upcoming Cat Shows

Back to Our Roots International Cat Show 2019

Our club is excited to announce the Back to Our Roots show that will be held at CatPlace. We are glad to welcome pedigree cats from local cat kennels as well as registered cats...

The Cotton States National Cat Show 2019

The Cotton States show is known for elaborate ring decorations and this upcoming show will be no exception. All registered members of our club can take part in...

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